God, People just piss me off. You people always judge us and label us “emos”, You people who think its right to tell people to go cut them selves and burn themselves and to kill themselves are fucked up in the mind. Just because we wear different clothes than you and may act different or look different does not give you or anyone the right to tell us that we need to kill ourselves and that nobody will miss us, because that is a fucking lie. Yes I’ve have my times where I think nobody will miss me and everything but face it everyone has those feelings once in there life. You people out there that think its okay to tell us that needs to put yourself in our spot, imagine getting told all the time to go kill yourself or to cut yourself and that nobody will love you or cares for you, imagine how it feels, you feel broken and you maybe one night try to take your life because someone told you that nobody cares about you, your a fag, your a dyke, your a freak, everyone hates you, you whore,slut,skank,ect. Then EVERYONE whoLOVES YOUloses you because some person told you all these nasty things and nobody will care for you.. Just shut up already and stop treating us like shit.